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Foreclosure Defense Law Group is a network of top-notch lawyers and business professionals helping California homeowners aggressively fight mortgage foreclosures with the goal of remaining in their homes. The legal team is comprised of Harvard, Yale and NYU law school-educated lawyers with over 30 years combined experience. The lawyers work with the Group's real estate, business management and accounting experts to protect the homestead while also assisting clients find foreclosure alternatives and resolve other important financial and business challenges.

The Group's loan securitization auditors provide forensic analysis where called for on the conveyance train from original loan documents through current ownership. Due to widespread lender abuses, recently documented in 60 Minutes and other media reports, APR's forensic securitization analysis is capable of locating suspicious loan transfer documentation in cases where lender fraud and robo-signing may have occurred. Courts are increasingly vigilant in protecting homeowners against lender abuses and fraudulent foreclosures by demanding authenticated loan-related documentation.

About Us

Foreclosure Defense Law Group attorneys are Pizarro Campbell, LLP with offices in San Francisco, San Diego and elsewhere in Southern California.